Script Done

A film begins with the script

It all begins with a script..  Ok i finally finished the script for “No More MR Nice Guy”

“No More Mr. Nice Guy” is a high concept featured film, (a comedy) which has been fully developed with strong
market appeal in domestic and foreign markets. It was written and is to be directed by up and coming director, Anthony Richards. It is based on the well-believed and even debatable misnomer that “Nice guys finish last.” The term, weather cliche or not, stem from the belief that women habitually date men that are jerks while the “Nice Guys” often get passed by and end up in the friend zone. The film “No More Mr. Nice Guy” explores this concept and set out to deter- mine how true or not, this really is.

No More Mr. Nice Guy is the not so romantic comedy, that explores the dating mine field, from a young man prospective. Edwin is a smart decent all around nice guy, who has just broken up with his girlfriend Donna. He takes notice of his failures and the success that other guys seem to have, who happen to treat women like crap. A puzzled Edwin starts to wonder what is he doing wrong? Is there something he should change? He sets out to fix these things and repair his love life. On his journey to find himself a good girl, he must navigate bad date after bad date. Not so good and great advice, from friends and family. Finish a home study course from the self proclaimed love guru and master pick up artist Dr. Longstroke. Try and woo a special British woman Maria, who has caught his eye, all while trying to lead his team to the championships, as the captain and goalie of New York Red Razors soccer team.

But as Edwin journey from good guy to bad guy and back to good guy unfolds, he discovers that being in a relationship is never easy thing, and with the sudden death of a loved one, he eventually emerges with a better understanding of life and what is important. A newfound confidence, in who he is as a man, and what a loving relationship is really all about, and what it takes to have one.

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